Saturday, 12 January 2008

Venus in the morning

Last night was pouring rain, but waking early this morning I had a quick look outside the window and I could see stars, so I decided to get up at about 6:30am with the first faint glow of the sun starting to appear on the horizon.

The sky was clear enough to auto-align the telescope and it picked out a couple of bright stars I could see. It was still quite a way off on them though requiring some more calibration.

I could see Venus behind a tree, and couldn't work out if it was rising or setting. Anyway, I got the telescope onto it, and could finally see it as it came out from behind a tree branch.

I switched to the camera and tried to get it focused. The software focusing guide still doesn't seem to work on the software I have so its a lot of trial and error.

Eventually I got some pictures though.

They still weren't what I was hoping for, as focusing is really tricky. I'm hoping the flexible focusing knob I ordered will help with this when it comes.

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