Thursday, 31 January 2008

Clouds and more clouds

The last few days there has been nothing worth looking at during the night. Plenty of overcast, rain, wind etc.

So I've spent the time spending money instead. I've got a camera adapter together with a mounting ring for a Canon camera so I can turn the whole telescope into a huge camera lens. I'm still waiting for my camera to arrive, but the adapters are here. The adapter has another use in that you can also use it to mount lenses in, so as well as looking down with one lens, you can look straight through with another. This will be helpful for keeping the target in the right place. There is a mirror that flips up and down to divert the light to the normal viewing position or straight through.

Meanwhile, I'm looking into getting a better pair of binoculars - ones with a larger objective lens for better night viewing.

So not much progress basically.

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