Friday, 19 September 2008

Jupiter again

Jupiter is starting to get higher in the sky, but the conditions have been dreadful for a long time now. When it hasn't been raining its been threatening rain. All this adds up to lots of cloud cover.
Anyway, last night - just for a while, some of the sky was visible. There was still scattered cloud around, but less than normal and I could see Jupiter shining out - still not that much above the horizon.
I could also see that a couple of houses away, they had some sort of light show going on in their garden, as their tree's were backlit - hmmm!
Anyway - I had a go, the telescope aligned and settled on Jupiter very nicely. With the LPI I took some images and got some reasonable results.

With a bit of enhancement you can see some of the satellites too.

From left to right, Ganymede, Io and Europa on the right.

Then I got it to find Andromeda, nope - nothing, far too hazy and messy in that direction.

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