Tuesday, 1 April 2008


The ISS is being serviced by the ATV at the moment. They are in about the same orbit, but the ATV is just a little ahead of the ISS. The ISS is very visible at magnitude -2 or better, and the ATV is noticeable as it is leading the ISS. This particular ATV is the Jules Verne and is testing out various things.

Anyway, it was clear last night, but there was high level cloud which made everything a bit fuzzy, and the photos didn't show very much.

Tonight it was a much crisper night, and I tried taking the camera off manual and letting it take different length exposures based on the available light. They varied from about 5 seconds to 10 or 12. One of them actually caught both vehicles and showed them up quite nicely after a bit of rebalancing of levels. You can see the ISS as the main streak, and just to the top of the frame there is a thin streak from the ATV.

Also evident was about 3/4 of the way across the sky it went into shadow and started to fade, which is caught in the last one.

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