Thursday, 20 December 2007

Waxing larger

A number of cloudy nights, and last night was no exception. However early on it was relatively clear and I thought the moon might be worth a couple more snaps.
I'm not sure if it was cloud or mist, but you could see bands of it moving relatively quickly past the moon. It was almost transparent, but not welcome even so! The good thing about using video to capture is that you can take the best frames. You're not dependant on a long exposure that can be ruined by a single glitch.

Anyway, the moon was relatively high in the sky, so that must help with atmospheric distortion. Its also waxed a little so different things are visible.

Anyway, enough with the chatter, lets see what a few hours processing and stacking produced.

Some processing artifacts of the processing are visible on lower and upper parts, but the craters come out pretty well. I must look up some moon maps so I can recognise some of the features I've captured.

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